Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

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We are pleased to introduce a break through therapy to treat the difficult to manage allergy cases. Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is a brand new way to approach allergy treatment.

What is an Allergy?

Allergies are a physiological error. The body reacts negatively to harmless substances, foods or stimuli. An allergic reaction occurs when the body comes in contact with the allergen. This can occur through contact with the skin, inhalation, injection or ingestion of the substance.

What is AAT?
Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT)* is a clinically proven treatment that is highly effective in relieving the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. It is a therapeutic approach that was developed from over 15 years of clinical research, reconditioning the body to respond more appropriately to harmless substances. The success of the treatment is attributed to the extensive knowledge base and in-depth study of the allergens and offending agents, allowing for the treatment of a broad range of symptoms. The AAT treatment does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements. The treatment is safe and painless. Please visit the website: to read about the successes in humans. Only recently AAT has become available for our veterinary patients, and we are proud to be the first to offer it in New Hampshire.

*AAT does not diagnose allergies, sensitivities or intolerances. AAT does not test for allergies or sensitivities. The AAT system simply assesses what may be causing a stress to the body. AAT does not cure allergies, nor does the therapy treat the immune system. AAT is a highly effective treatment that provides long-term relief from symptoms associated with allergies or sensitivities. AAT does not treat cases of anaphylaxis or life threatening symptoms. Strict avoidance is always advised in such cases.

What conditions can be treated?
Conditions such as chronic ear infections, pruritus, dermatitis, chronic vomiting and diarrhea can be potentially treated successfully with AAT. Once these conditions have been evaluated and worked up at the regular veterinarian and the condition is either not improving or recurring, AAT is a potentially effective alternative treatment to provide relief for those cases. Most of the cases we treat have not responded to traditional type treatments.

How do I make an appointment?
AAT treatments can be scheduled by appointment. Please call to schedule or discuss treatment options at 603-898-8982 and ask for Julie. The initial appointment and treatment is 1 hour and each additional treatment is 30 minutes. We can only treat one allergen family per session. Typically, it takes between 5-12 treatments if treating a condition.

How much does it cost?
Initial consultation and treatment $190 Follow-up treatment $85

What are clients saying about AAT and their Pets?
Pearl is one of my pugs that has suffered from allergies for years. These allergies  were so bad, that she would scratch herself almost constantly until her skin would bleed, or she'd just cry because it hurt her to scratch herself. She'd been tested for food allergies, skin allergies and has been on all kinds of medication. Some of the medication would lessen her symptoms, but nothing took them away,

Dr. Magnuson suggested she try Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.  This was most helpful to Pearl from a diagnostic standpoint.  It pinpointed exactly what she was sensitive to - like her own sweat - explaining why she chewed her feet and scratched her ears bloody. Standard testing  never picked up these subtleties like AAT did.  Because of this, we were able to modify her lifestyle, such as simply washing her paw pads and ears and nose wrinkles - places where sweat accumulates - on a regulator basis, just to give an example.

The change in Pearl is like night and day - she rarely scratches herself any more - days go by without this behavior.  This makes us all happier as she's not in agony, and we don't have to listen to her constant crying and whining and us not being able to help her.
Rebecca Howard

I am the current owner of a 6 year old English Mastiff.  For most of my dogs life we have been battling constant ear infections.  It seemed like once we got rid of one infection then another one would surface with the next couple of weeks.  Keely my dog, had been on every antibiotic that there was out there and nothing seemed to work.  Then one day I received a call from Canobie Lake Veterinarian Hospital and they offered this new procedure.  At this point I was willing to try anything new.  I had already spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on medication and visits to the doctors office.  I figured "Let's give it a try."  So, we set up the appointment for the testing.  The testing was non invasive and I found out that Keely was sensitive to fabric softener and all fabrics except polyester and hemp.  Gone were the days and nights of constantly trying to put the medication in her ears.  Gone were the nights of being woken up in the middle of the night from her scratching and yelping.  Gone were the having to deal with the ears that were bleeding from her scratching constantly and most importantly gone was the horrible "yeast smell".  Keely turned into a different dog.  Now I am able to put my hand up to her ears and clean them without her "yelping" and running away.  I am now able to not be frustrated because of the never ending medication and office visits.  She is calmer and more lovable than I have ever seen her.  I can honestly say I am happy with the procedure and the results from the Allergy treatment.
Jennifer Murphy, English Mastiff owner.

Kayla, a female tabby cat, came into the Humane Society for Greater Nashua in June 2009 as a stray kitty. She had some very severe intestinal issues and we suspected food allergies. For several months we tried many medications and diet trials but had no improvement. Kayla was grouchy and became aggressive when picked up. She was also obsessively grooming and pulling out hair on her abdomen. It appeared she was in extreme abdominal pain and was acting out.

After speaking with Dr. Magnuson in December 2009 we decided to try the AAT treatment in hopes of some improvement. The results seen after treatment were far better than we could have hoped for. She has had no intestinal upset at all and it has been two months since treatment. She is very happy and her hair has grown in. Kayla is very content and loves attention now. The staff here at the Humane Society can handle her and pick her up and she loves it.

This treatment literally saved Kayla’s life. She is now a very adoptable kitty and is sure to find a loving new home.

Tammy DeVito, Animal Care Director, Humane Society for Greater Nashua

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